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Welcome to Energy Lancaster

Energy Lancaster brings together Lancaster University's world leading expertise in a wide range of energy related areas covering the demand and supply of energy including:

  • Carbon management
  • Clean coal
  • Energy and behavioural change
  • Energy demand management and modelling
  • Energy policy and economics
  • Fuel cells
  • Nuclear energy
  • Photovoltaics and photocatalysis
  • Transport and transport usage
  • Wet renewables
  • Wind energy

By combining cutting edge research in these areas with expertise across Lancaster and beyond, Energy Lancaster is working in partnership with global organisations in the development and management of secure and sustainable energy supplies in support of the world's energy needs.

Upcoming events

Traded in for a younger model: When should wind farms be replaced?

Richard Green, Imperial College Business School, London

Wednesday 30 April 2014, 1500-1600
Lecture Theatre 4, Management School Building

When does it make sense to replace an old wind turbine with a better one? With most of Europe constrained for space, firms face a choice between developing new wind farms at poor sites (if the best have already been exploited) or repowering an existing site with better wind conditions. The disadvantage of the second option is that it sacrifices the output that the existing turbines could have produced. We use a large wind speed data set to assess the productivity of wind farms in the UK,...

2006 USA Sustainable Drainage Systems Mission - Have We Learned Anything?€

2006 USA Sustainable Drainage Systems Mission - Have We Learned Anything?€

Wednesday 21 May 2014, 0900-1700
Lancaster Environment Centre

This conference will update delegates on the current position with the National Standards and explore issues such as planning, design, sustainable drainage systems(SuDS)techniques and maintenance and retro-fit possibilities.

Fracking nonsense? Shale gas, the environment and security of UK energy supply

Professor Paul L Younger FREng, Rankine Chair of Engineering, University of Glasgow

Wednesday 04 June 2014, 1400-1500
Lancaster University

The recent hysterical public response to shale gas development proposals has revealed a gulf of understanding between energy industry professionals and the general public - and especially the most environmentally-committed sections of it - over where gas currently sits and will in future sit in the UK's energy mix.