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Nuclear Energy

Global Challenge

Nuclear energy has an important role in electricity generation for the future low carbon economy envisioned by the UK government being .

In the UK it has been estimated that in excess of 50bn will be invested over the next 10-15 years on new reactors which could supply approximately 16GW of UK electricity by 2025. The nuclear new build process is well in hand with the publication of a whitepaper on nuclear power in 2008, the subsequent selection of 10 sites where new power stations could be built and an application for a nuclear site licence for the first new nuclear power station, at Hinkley Point in Somerset, have been submitted to the Infrastructure Planning Commission. Coupled with this is the on-going decommissioning of legacy facilities.

Globally new build nuclear energy programmes are at varying stages of development with new construction is occurring in Finland, France, China, India and Korea. Beyond this the US is preparing for new nuclear build with other countries such UAE, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia for example instigating a nuclear program for the first time.


  • Radiometrics
  • Sensors for process and environmental monitoring
  • Corrosion of Stainless steels and fuels
  • Detection and identification of radionucleotides
  • Water Chemistry
  • Survey of sludge based environments
  • Irradiation of electronics
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Robotics
  • Nuclear instrumentation/control systems
  • Dosimetry
  • Fusion